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FALL 2021

Thursday Women        Spring  AA-3  Jeri Finlay

Thursday Women        Spring  A-3     Deanna Oster

Thursday Women        Spring  B-5     Rhonda Ross

Thursday Women        Spring  B-7     Polly Tabeling

Sunday Women           Spring  A-1     Suzanne Grosswald

Sunday Women           Spring  B-5     Shari Kent

Sunday Women           Spring  B-8     Dee Shine

Sunday Women           Spring  ?          Tasha Hilsen

Sunday Women           Spring  C-4     Delgaadio

Sunday Women           Spring  C-6     Ely-Kelso

Tues Sr Women          Spring ?           Jeng

Tues Sr Women          Spring  B-3     Dee Shine

Saturday Men              Spring  A-7     Steve Finlay

Saturday Men              Spring  B-6     Adam Appel

Saturday Men              Spring  C-1     Bob Nonneman

Saturday Men              Spring  C-3     Kevin Hilsen

Wed Sr Men               Spring  C-1     Bob Nonneman


ALTA Mixed              A-3      Jeri Finlay

ALTA Mixed              B-3      Chris Lee

ALTA Mixed              B-7      Deanna Oster

ALTA Mixed              C-1      Robert Chopra

ALTA Mixed              C-3      Lee Bicknell

ALTA Mixed              C-5      Ashley Getz

ALTASr Mixed          A         Melissa Jeng

Sr Women                   AA3    Jeri Finlay

Sr Women                   B         Rhonda Ross

Sr Women                   B         Eileen Mathews


Tues Women               4.0       Deanna Oster

Tues Women               3.5       Kim Ragland

Tues Womens             3.5       Bicknell

Thurs Womens            4.0       Rhonda Hawk

Thurs Womens            3.5       Dee Shine

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