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Tennis Rules

Court Time and Reservations


  1. The tennis and pickleball courts are for the exclusive use of Club tennis members and their guests.

  2. Only coaches hired by ACE Tennis Management are permitted to coach on the Fields Club courts.

  3. All courts must be reserved through  Courts are available for sign up on a first come, first serve basis.  Only members in good standing may reserve courts.  Guest players may not reserve courts on behalf of the Member.

  4. If courts are needed for more than two hours contact the Tennis Director.

  5. Court reservations may be made up to seven days prior to the day of scheduled play.  

  6. The Fields Club Director and tennis staff will book all courts for clinics, team practices and matches each season.  Captain’s will be responsible for coordinating make up matches and can book a court for themselves or advise the tennis staff if needed.

  7. Please immediately delete your reservation if you decide not to use a scheduled court.

  8. There is a 20 minute grace period beyond the registered time to be on the court before the court is declared open.

  9. Courts may be reserved for a maximum of a 2 hour time period.

  10. Children under the age of 8 who wish to play tennis must be accompanied by an adult.

  11. Guests must be accompanied by a playing member on each court.

  12. On evenings when Fields Club ALTA/USTA teams have practice time reserved, those team members are not allowed to reserve additional court time during the same evening unless courts are available the morning of.  Teams and team members are only allowed to reserve 2 courts at a time for practice.  Approval is required by Tennis Director to reserve more than 2 courts.

  13. Players practicing by themselves must yield the court to groups of two or more wishing to play.

  14. No club member may hold an ALTA/USTA team practice at the club tennis courts for a team that does not regularly play out of the Fields Swim and Tennis Club.

  15. Anyone who is a resident of a Fields Club Community (Amberfield or Riverfield), who is not a tennis member of the Fields Club cannot be a guest of another Fields Club tennis member.

Court Etiquette


  1. Proper tennis attire (tennis shoes, shirts, warm-ups, etc.) must be worn when on the courts

  2. No pets are allowed on the tennis courts OR in the tennis area.

  3. Children who are not playing tennis are not permitted on the courts.

  4. No bicycles, strollers, playpens, skateboards, skates, roller blades, chairs, or similar equipment are allowed on the tennis courts.

  5. No food or gum is allowed on the courts.  Beverages are allowed on the courts only in non-breakable, non-spill able containers (no glass).

  6. Proper tennis etiquette is to be observed.  No profanity or physical abuse is allowed by players or spectators.

  7. Ball cans, balls, trash, etc. are to be cleaned up following play.  Please DO NOT discard food and beverages in the on-court trash bins.

  8. ALTA/USTA teams are responsible for cleaning up after practice and matches.

  9. The last member on each set of courts is responsible for turning off the tennis lights and lock the gate if leaving after 10:00pm.

  10. Repair to or replacement of property damaged is the responsibility of the member involved.

  11. Members should report burned out lights, broken nets, damaged windscreens, etc. as soon as possible to the property management service, tennis Director, or tennis professional.

  12. No smoking is allowed on the tennis courts or on any Fields Club property.

  13. Comments and questions concerning the tennis program should be sent to either the tennis Director or Fields Club Board.



  1.  The Fields Swim and Tennis Club (FS&TC) tennis program will encourage the formation of ALTA/USTA league teams to meet the desires of all tennis playing Club members.

  2. It is the goal of the FS&TC tennis program to have 100% resident club members on all ALTA and USTA league teams.

  3. Captains for each upcoming season must notify the Director of Tennis at least one week prior to the roster submittal deadline of their desire to have a team playing at The Fields Club.  All new teams must be approved by the Tennis Director and Board tennis liaison prior to each season.  The Tennis Director and Board tennis liaison will recommend approval or disapproval of new teams.  Approval for a new team will be based on court availability, the number of members served, the effect on existing teams and the best interests of the club.  Captains must submit a team roster and include player’s emails and cell phone numbers.  Non-members must be marked on any roster submitted.

  4. Each season ALTA and USTA teams will be formed by team captains contacting previous team members and notifying other Fields Club members of team formation and requesting sign up at least three weeks prior to the ALTA/USTA roster submittal deadline.

  5. The team Captains, in consultation with the Tennis Director, will prepare preliminary rosters for each team.  The Director and Captains will consider player ability, players record the previous season(s), player desire, team(s) competitiveness, the number of players on each team and any other factor judged to be in the best interests of the club in determining preliminary rosters.

  6. All Fields Club Members must be accepted onto a team if the level is appropriate.  The tennis Director will attempt to place previous and new league players wishing to join ALTA & USTA league teams on appropriate teams while considering overall team composition and the effect of availability of playing time for all members.

  7. ALTA/USTA captains and junior managers determine who plays each week at each position.

  8. All league teams may reserve 4 courts for each home match with the Tennis Directors approval.

  9. Teams with a “need” to acquire non-members must first contact the Tennis Director prior to soliciting non-members and obtain approval from the Tennis Director before a player is placed on a roster.   Before non-members are allowed to join a team, every effort to recruit Fields Club Members for the team must be exhausted.  No non-members are allowed to be the captain of any team, or perform team captain’s duties, when playing on a Fields Club league team.  

  10. ”Need” for non-members is defined as teams having less than the following number of members in good standing.

  11. USTA Men and Women– 16 Players

  12. ALTA  Men, Women and Mixed – 20 Players

  13. A team must have 51% or more players that are Field Club members in good standing.

  14. All non-member players, including full time and alternates, must pay a non-member fee per season, per team roster they are placed on regardless if the non-member only plays matches away, at home, or not at all.  The fee is due prior to the start of the season:

  15. Youth teams (18 & Under):  $25 per season, per team

  16. Unless player has paid a yearly registration fee through ACE Academy.

  17. Adult teams (ATLA & USTA):  $45 per season, per team

  18. No resident of the Fields Club Community (Amberfield, Riverfield) may play on Fields Club league teams unless that resident is a Fields Club tennis member in good standing.

  19. Each Captain must turn in a complete team roster with emails and cell phone numbers for each team member to the Tennis Staff for approval 2 weeks prior to the registration deadline.  This list must also have all non-members highlighted.  Each Captain must provide a copy of their match schedule as soon as possible to the Tennis Director, or, list a member of the Tennis Staff as a designee on the roster.  Captains must notify the tennis Director of any additions or deletions to team rosters once the rosters have been submitted.

  20. Home matches for USTA and ALTA league teams are reserved by the Tennis Staff prior to the season.  Teams may use additional courts ONLY with approval from the Tennis Director.  Teams must play on their scheduled courts.  

  21. If the team’s courts are unplayable, the team may reserve other courts (if available) through the online system.

  22. If an originally scheduled team match runs late or is delayed starting due to inclement weather, the team will be allowed to finish the match on their reserved courts but need to notify the Tennis Director and the teams that are scheduled immediately following the match. 

  23. Make-up matches may be scheduled through the online system as soon as a time has been agreed upon.  “ALTA” or “USTA” Make Up must be written online.  Make Up matches will take precedence over regular team practice courts but not private or group lessons.  If courts are not available, please contact the Tennis Director.

  24. Each team must send a representative to the FS&TC Captain’s meeting which will be scheduled prior to the start of each season.  The Tennis Director will set the date and time, notify each Captain and will chair the meeting.

  25. Any player interested in joining a league team should contact the Tennis Director.

  26. If for any reason a member is unable to contact the tennis Director or proper staff member and has an urgent matter should contact the Board tennis liaison.

  27. Any non-resident member who fails to renew their membership for any reason will not be allowed to participate in any/all tennis programs at the Fields Club, or swim activity, for one year unless their membership is renewed or deemed active by the Fields Club Board.

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