Fields Club Junior Program

ACE Tennis Academy is a year-round program for all levels from beginners - nationally ranked juniors.  ACE has produced 8, #1 players in the country and players have won 12 gold balls (National Level 1 Titles). 

The academy offers:  After School Drills, Early Release Drills, Summer Camps, Tournament Coaching and Private Instruction.

ACE "Kids Academy" is for beginner players who are "newer to tennis". We separate kids based on their grade and work on the fundamentals.  

ACE "Futures" Academy is for players who are ready to compete at a league level (USTA/ALTA) and/or are beginning to play USTA Level 7 tournaments. This intermediate program provides perfect setting for players to perfect their grips and movement.

ACE "Competitive" Academy is for players who are playing USTA Level 7 and Level 6 tournaments and have a minimum UTR of 1.5. This group is beginning to work on patterns and striking the ball with a purpose. Juniors will work on the five main ways of applying pressure and will learn when to apply each type.

ACE "Advanced Academy" is for State ranked players and high school players. These players have usually played successfully on an ALTA / USTA team and are looking to take their game to the next level. This program is for those players competing in USTA  Level 6 and have a minimum UTR of 2.75.

ACE “Elite” Academy is for players competing in USTA Level 6 and Level 5 tournaments and have a minimum UTR of 4.00.  These players are working towards improving their state and sectional rankings.

ACE “Early Release” Academy is for players competing on a Sectional or National level and have a minimum UTR of 4.00.  These players are working towards playing in college.